Award Winning Filmmaker



"Capturing the essence of a moment that will live forever is what I'm in constant search of."

- Terrisha Kearse


TK is a visionaire.

“Photography is a very intimate process for me. I connect in ways I don’t in my everyday life.”

True connection is the absence of pretense. This is why Terrisha “TK” Kearse uses her lens for storytelling. Her stories, whether told through photography or film, embrace humanity's inner worlds. She captures moments of joy and melancholy, distress and dignity, desperation and hope with a deep compassion for the external factors and hidden angst that often obscure our view of each other as well as ourselves.

As a member of the Director's Guild of America,  she is always creating. TK's work spans feature film directing, fashion photography, directing music video, portraiture, television, short film and travel photography. Her first feature “Anger Has A Secret” won the 2009 HBO Award at the MVAAFF and her most recent short “The Mia Countdown” won the 2017 Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Real to Reel award for Best Short.


TK's vision emerged during college when she explored photography. She discovered the value of quiet within the dark room while developing her images undisturbed. It's this tension of moments when we're disturbed and undisturbed that beckon her. Whether she's creating a private environment in the studio or finding intimate moments in our uncontrolled outside world, TK’s images separate the knowledge from the noise.

FIlmmaker Terrisha Kearse Director