Terrisha Kearse Arrival The Film


Directed by Terrisha Kearse 

After crashing into the woods in a small airplane, a confused man ventures out into a strange town, constantly faced with the harsh reality that he is not wanted. He begins to realize that certain people will do anything to get rid of him. From the weak signal of the radio to the static of his telephone calls, his connection to the rest of the world is being cut...and the conclusion he arrives at is unexpected.



A Terrisha Kearse Film

SMALL TALK is a short, character-driven, fantastical, comedy that follows Ahmad, deemed as a typical Middle Eastern man, on a trip down the rabbit hole where he battles his soon to be in-laws inability to focus on any one issue of concern due to the rate at which society now takes in information. An exploration into our newfound ineptitude as humans to focus our efforts on any one topic of concern, due to the rates at which we now take in information. The script centers on a bizarre surreal dinner party that runs the full gamut of emotions. Its a non stop roller coaster in a never before seen Wonderland of ill-informed opinions on everything from sports to terrorism all while highlighting the many faces African Americans wear due to how intricately racism has been designed.

THE HILLS HAVE WINE | A Film By Terrisha Kearse


Sometimes natures most luxurious wonders are right under our noses. 

SIR - GIve It To Me - Music Video

Anger Has A Secret - Feature Film

Directed by Terrisha Kearse


I Fell For You

Artist Eliot Popkin

Never Did I Ever

Artist SiR


Artist Sir

Vanichi Commercial

Client Vanichi Commercial

Tears Music Video

Artist Sha'leah Nikole